Come and have fun and play bowling with the possibility of winning free drinks.

We are more focused on recreational players who want to play together and have fun not only by breaking records. With us, you don’t have to be ashamed if your score does not exceed one hundred.





460 CZK / hour


460 CZK / hour


460 CZK / hour


490 CZK / hour


490 CZK / hour



Maximum number of players per lane is 6. More than six people won’t be able to stay in the lanes area.

Lending shoes is included in the price. All prices include VAT.

Contests for free drinks

Just throw a strike at the right moment and a shot on us is yours! Team players will also be awarded.

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Extra winning shot

for current month

Jack Daniel's

Our record holders

Lane #1

Aleš Dubský

258 points

Zuzka Králová

204 points

Lane #2

Daniel Karfík

233 points

Jana Jindrová

211 points

Lane #3

Tomáš Trejbal

236 points

Dana Doubková

187 points

Lane #4

David Červenka

243 points

Markéta Pavelková

242 points

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